Living Legend

Am I a living legend of the modern day?
Hard one to call who has the right to say.
I’ve been through it and still stood strong,
Yes I’ve done stuff that is no doubt wrong.
I’m here now & think that I maybe can help people change,
Why not read my book, life experience it’s not strange.
Break things down, different times and places,
A lot of people involved, many places.
The truth is its all upstairs,
You need to be the main one who cares.
If you………sorry mind just went blank,
Think maybe I’ve got another force to thank.
Not really a practicing religious guy,
But I think maybe there’s someone when I look to the sky.
I’ve done it got the scars, child, degree, family and friends,
Who can say legend till the story ends?

Helping Others

Such a good feeling to help other people,
Your helping hand is just part of the prequel.
Being that good person just for today,
But nothing wrong with doing this every day.
A reward and a feeling that you’re doing your part,
All you need is a heart, you don’t need smart.
It can be eye opening when you realise all the pain on your own doorstep,
Even when I’m at the gym, whilst doing a rep.
Thing is I now understand people have their own heart breaks,
I’ve been there, overcome, and what a man it makes.
I’m not been cocky, but all I’ve got is gratitude,
I managed to adjust to get a worthy attitude.
This is what I want my purpose in life to be,
Times ticking, so will have to wait and see.

It's Time

The time has come, so I can now say its time,
I’ve explained my life in poetry, and you’ll agree, one hell of a rhyme?
I’ve turned into the man I was destined to be,
Plenty of mental stories, what next? Will have to wait and see.
That self-belief is what has kept me going,
So hopefully the time has come, so I can reap what I’ve been sowing?
How’s somebody with this extraordinary story managed to make it through,
I’m lucky, I’m searching and if I find out, ill give the answer straight to you.
I think everything in life is all a plan,
Things just happen. And wrote by no man.
I’m wondering about the possibility of god,
I got booted out of mine and my sons christening for been a sod.
Since then things got really bad in my life,
Lost a lot of things, a pointless sacrifice.
It hurts me in my stomach, when I have to write that,
Will end triumphant, and believe me I’ll be back.
Having free will is what’s let me down,
If I’d of followed the 10 commandments there’d of been no frown.
But guess what? Since I was born, all I’ve done is evolve,
Got thrown plenty of nasty problems to solve.
Managed somehow to make it through,
I know now what I’m meant to do…
Not trying to be a dictator, but to love, provide, care, cherish and teach,
I need to say nothing, it’s my poetry that will preach

Lay your own story

Here’s a site for y’all to get things of your chest,
My stories nothing its just adding to the zest.
Personally I’ve found that to share is to care,
Here my stories on the line and I’ve laid it bare,
Everyone has a story, and we all have valuable lessons to give,
Share and lets help others, now that can be your motive.
We all have that spirit, it all comes from within,
Our very own spirit can lead us to where we win