Born back in december 1987, life always seemed to do ok, but were also aware things that i could see hear and feel were always more advanced than any of my peers, think this is what made me, but that was down to having to grow up way before my time, I’m not proud of this but when i communicate with my elders they can look in awe and I can feel how they think i have a blessing and look with sheer amazement.

Thats me Anonymous G, alter ego time,

First called myself that 2008, way back down the line. We’ll read my book and maybe think wow, to help people with my experiences is now my vow. Resuscitations, life flashes before eyes, degrees, love and patience, life journey hoping to inspire through my life creations. Now always been easy, but we got to get on and do, we can get through as a team, even if I only help a few.